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ArNePo: Arts, News and Poetry

ArNePo: Arts, News and Poetry
Tartu, Estonia
June 5th, 2013 to June 30th, 2013

ArNePo is an art project where news analysis, visual arts and poetry is mixed together. In December 2012 a computer analyzed daily news and generated poems based on the news stories of the day. The generation process was abstracted into a matrix which was visualized as an image. These images were given to the artist who used them as inspiration and painted them on canvas. The paintings, 13 in total, were first exhibited in Art Museum of Tartu, "Tartu Ülikooli maalieriala bakalaureusetööd", Estonia, 05 June 2013 - 30 June 2013. The works have also been exhibited in Culture Centre of Jõgeva, Estonia, 1 August 2013 - 30 August 2013 and in Exactum, University of Helsinki, Finland, 24 October 2013 - 14 November 2013. The project is based on collaboration between artist Sandra Lääne and computer scientists Oskar Gross, Jukka M. Toivanen, and Hannu Toivonen from the PROSECCO site University of Helsinki. Reviewed in Eesti Ekspress, 6 October 2013.