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Computational Creativity Club

Computational Creativity Club
Porvoo, Finland
November 20th, 2013

A club night with performances, music, paintings, and installations produced in collaborations between creative machines and creative people: Viewpoints AI, a virtual agent performance (by Mikhail Jacob); Machine Libertine, a media poetry performance (Taras Mashtalir, Natalia Fedorova); Phonetic Poetry, recitation of machine-discovered phonemic sonnets (Stephen McGregor);, musical collage generator (Sebastien Piquemal); Artworks in Python, exhibition of generative art produced using Python (Tom De Smedt); Brain Poetry, a mind reading installation that expresses brain waves as poetry (Jukka Toivanen, K. Mäki-Reinikka, A. Alafuzoff, H. Kotkanen, J. Torniainen); and ArNePo, exhibition of machine-inspired, hand-painted art combining news analysis, visual arts, and poetry (Sandra Lääne, Oskar Gross, Jukka M. Toivanen, Hannu Toivonen). The club was organized by PROSECCO members Hannu Toivonen and Oskar Gross in conjunction with the PROSECCO Autumn School on Computational Creativity and was held on Nov 20, 2013, in Porvoon Paahtimo, Porvoo, Finland. (Picture from Borgobladet newspaper, text by Birgitta Ehrstén, photo by Evy Nickström.)