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Books on Computational Creativity

A number of recent books provide a good introduction to the field of Computational Creativity. The following provides a sample of books from PROSECCO partners:

Computational Creativity Research: Towards Creative Machines

Tarek Besold (Editor)

This is the latest scholarly volume wholly dedicated to the CC field.

Exploding the Creativity Myth: The Computational Foundations of Linguistic Creativity

By Tony Veale

This monograph explores the foundational mechanisms at work in linguistic creativity, and provides coverage of such topics as metaphor, analogy, blending, humor, irony, surprise and incongruity.

Computers and Creativity

Edited by Jon McCormack and Mark D'Inverno

This interdisciplinary volume introduces new theories and ideas on creativity from the perspectives of science and art.

Creativity and the Agile Mind: A Multi-Disciplinary Study of a Multifaceted Phenomenon

Edited by Tony Veale, Kurt Feyaerts and Charles Forceville

Creativity is a highly-prized quality in almost any domain of human endeavor, whether one is crafting tangible objects from physical materials, or mental objects from concepts, words, pictures and musical notes. It is a diverse, multi-faceted phenomenon that demands a diverse, multi-disciplinary perspective.