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31 Jan 204 is here: Using comics to transform our understanding of computers and creativity is a new Web Initiative to engage the wider public on the theoretical, philosophical and practical issues involved in the emerging technologies of computational creativity.

The first publication on is an illustrated book on CC by PROSECCO partner Tony Veale, entitled Hand-Made By Machines: An Illustrated Guide to Creativity in Humans and Machines.   Check out and bookmark for more illustrated CC publications.

18 Nov 2013

Autumn School in CC


The first PROSECCO educational event is the international Autumn School in Computational Creativity, which will be held in Porvoo, Helsinki, Finland from Nov. 18 to Nov. 22, 2013. PROSECCO member Hannu Toivonen is the local...

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20 Nov 2013

Computational Creativity Club


A club night with performances, music, paintings, and installations produced in collaborations between creative machines and creative people: Viewpoints AI, a virtual agent performance (by Mikhail Jacob); Machine Libertine, a media poetry performance (Taras Mashtalir, Natalia...

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7 Apr 2013

Machine Learning and Creativity Symposium


A one-day symposium on Rule-Mining and Computational Creativity was held at the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 4th of July, 2013. The symposium, organized by PROSECCO partner Prof. Nada Lavrač, brought together researchers in machine-learning, rule-learning...

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12 Jul 2013

Poetry and Potage evenings


PROSECCO member Simon Colton and Advisory Board member Dan Ventura hosted a CC-themed poetry reading and cuisine night at the Galerie Oberkampf in Paris for the week of July 12th to 19th. Half the poems were provided by The...

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5 Jun 2013

ArNePo: Arts, News and Poetry


ArNePo is an art project where news analysis, visual arts and poetry is mixed together. In December 2012 a computer analyzed daily news and generated poems based on the news stories of the day. The generation process was abstracted into a matrix which was visualized as an image. These images were...

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