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Tony Veale
project coordinator
University College Dublin (IE)
linguistic creativity, metaphor, simile, humor, analogy, irony, poetry

Simon Colton
Goldsmiths, University of London (UK)
computational painting, poetry generation, video game design, discovery in mathematics, philosophical aspects

F. Amilcar Cardoso
Universidade de Coimbra (PT)
concept creation, affective computing, music generation

Pablo Gervás
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (ES)
story-telling, narratology, poetry, natural-language generation

Geraint Wiggins
Queen Mary, University of London (UK)
music generation, musicology, formal foundations of creativity

Nada Lavrač
Institut Josef Stefan (SLO)
machine learning, rule learning, data & literature mining, bisociation

Hannu Toivonen
University of Helsinki (FI)
machine learning, rule learning, data mining, poetry, music generation