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Simon Colton


Goldsmiths College, University of London (UK)


I am a Professor of Computational Creativity and EPSRC Leadership Fellow in the Department of Computing of Goldsmiths College, University of London. Previously, I was a Reader in Computational Creativity in the Department of Computing at Imperial College, London. I'm an Artificial Intelligence researcher, specialising in questions of Computational Creativity. In particular, I lead the Computational Creativity Group ( We develop and investigate novel AI techniques and apply them to creative tasks in domains such as pure mathematics, graphic design, video game design, creative language and the visual arts. By taking an overview of creativity in such domains, we also add to the philosophical discussion of creativity, by addressing issues raised by the idea of autonomously creative software. This has enabled us to drive forward various formalism projects aimed at bringing more rigour to the assessment of creativity in software. I was one of the academic leaders of the EPSRC funded Industry/Academia Research Network on AI and Games. Please see the network web pages: At Imperial, I taught courses on Artificial Intelligence and Ludic Computing to both undergraduate and postgraduate classes. I have also given a course at the Helsinki Autumn School on Computational Creativity. Please see our group's teaching pages for materials. I'm the guy behind The Painting Fool, which is a computer program that we hope will one day be taken seriously as a creative artist in its own right.